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    This is a simple counter that I built using an AVR micro controller.
    I like clicky buttons.

    AVR doing 3d graphics


    AVR coffee machine

    Our coffee machine is very simple and has no automatic shut-off function. This video shows a self-made external contoll unit, equipped with a AVR Atmega8 and a two row LCD display. Now we brew the best coffee in Kaiserslautern ;-)

    XGS AVR 8-Bit Ultra Demo

    Demo footage of the Ultra Engine created by Rémi Veilleux. Video was recorded off screen with a cam, live looks much better than appears here. Find out more:

    My first AVR project

    This is my verion of "AVR ile Kara Şimşek". Thought it would be a good place to start to learn.
    Вы находитесь тут: AVRLife » Видео об AVR

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